Vegans Make a Difference

If you’ve found your way to this website, you’re probably one of the growing number of people worldwide who are vegan, becoming vegan, or are curious about what could be one of the most significant choices you ever make in your life. Veganism has grown, especially in the past 10 years, from a fringe movement towards a mainstream trend. More and more, society is recognizing the immense health benefits of plant-sourced eating as well as the positive impacts upon the sustainability of our planet.

A central point of veganism is simply this—it’s a transformation in how we choose to regard and treat our fellow living beings. It’s about turning away from the ingrained assumption that non-human animals are here for our use, exploited as objects and commodities. Veganism embraces the view and the passion that animals are kindred spirits. They are beings who share our capacities for emotion, cognition, socializing, caring, and an interest in living. How can we promote peace, justice, empathy and understanding in our world when we as a culture are enabling the largest amount of suffering, destruction, death and oppression taking place on our planet today?

The primary purpose of this website is to give voice to vegans! In STORIES, vegans relate why their choice became one of the most powerful decisions of their lives, rooted in the philosophy of compassionate living. They give touching and heartfelt testimonials of why we must expand the circle of compassion to our non-human friends, celebrating each and every one of them as unique and beautiful individuals.

Joanne Kong